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Eco-Award Prize money goes to good use

Eco-Award Prize money goes to good use
Added on May 15, 2015

Why did the chicken cross the road? To help Marlow C of E School fulfil their Eco responsibilities of course!

Last September Deriaz Slater teamed up with Chartered Environmentalist andMarlow FM presenter, Dave Hampton to help create a new category in theMarlow FM Hidden Gems Awards. Their brand-new eco award “The Watt Next?” was designed to celebrate a local group, company or school who were working hard in our local community to help create a sustainable future and intended to seek out the most inspiring green project or idea throughout the area.

At the launch of the award Paul Deriaz, Managing Partner of Deriaz Slater, went down to meet the team at Marlow FM and the Mayor Suzanne Brown to kick off the excitement. At the time he said ‘it’s great to be a part of celebrating a sustainable future for Marlow. Good luck to all the nominees although; you’re all winners in our book!’
At the award ceremony on Saturday 27th September at the Crowne Plaza in Marlow, Marlow C of E Infant Schoolwere awarded the prize for their continuing success in the Eco Schools programme and winning three successiveGreen Flags. The Green Flag award is assessed by the Eco-Schools team under strict criteria and is a big honour for schools to receive, having demonstrated that a team of pupils take responsibility for all things eco in the school environment.

We presented the school with a cheque for £500 to be used towards Eco projects of their choosing and back in September their plans were to extend their curriculum and extra-curriculum work on Healthy Living.

The school said they wanted to extend the scope of the existing gardening club and give all children in school the opportunity to be involved in growing their own food, raising chickens etc. and in this way help them learn about sustainability through developing their awareness of where their food comes from.

On Thu 30 April the school confirmed that they had indeed purchased chickens with the money and that they had arrived at their new home!

On Mon 11 May, after the chickens had time to settle in, Deriaz Slater went down to visit the team of Eco-Warriors who made this happen and their new school mascots. We were very pleased to see that the moment you walk into the school there a board dedicated to the Eco scheme, so its’ obvious the school and its pupils take its commitment to all things Eco seriously.

The Eco-team comprises of Joe Clarke, aged 6, Verity Richardson, aged 6, Orla Guinness, aged 5, Ava Parker, aged 6, Ollie Drever, aged 6, Kasper Ostbya-Strom, aged 7, Tyler Page, aged 7 and teacher, Mrs Howarth.

The money donated by Deriaz Slater was put towards building a purpose built chicken coup by a local tradesman and friend of the school, Dave Smythe and purchasing four hens, organised by Miss O’Neill.

The whole school and even the parents are getting involved in taking care of the chickens, with the parents having to do shifts via a rota to look after them on weekends!

Mrs Howarth, who is the Eco teacher, said “The parents and children are really excited that the chickens are now part of the school family and will enrich the curriculum. We’d like to thank Marlow FM for organising the award and Deriaz Slater for donating the money”.

Paul Deriaz said, “it is very exciting to hear that our donation has been put to such good use, we look forward to receiving updates on the hens and the wider eco projects Sandygate has planned”.

When the Deriaz Slater team went down they met a very beautiful white chicken but they were informed that although the chickens have been named, there was a “guess the name” competition at the May Fair on Sat 9thMay and the winners haven’t been announced yet so the names are still top secret!

We think chickens were a great way to spend the money and we are sure this team of Eco warriors will continue to do great work!

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